About Us


The Canadian Hardwood Bureau (CHB) is a national trade association representing manufacturers and wholesalers of hardwood lumber and hardwood flooring, as well as their suppliers.

Our proposed goals

  1. To Provide Networking Opportunities for those Engaged in the Buying and Selling of Hardwood Lumber and other Related Forest Products
  2. To Provide Rules, Order and Structure for Unfinished Hardwood Flooring.
  3. To Have a Unified Industry Voice to Address Industry Issues as Required.
  4. To Promote Industry Issues that a Strong Majority Feels are Worthy.
  5. To Promote Industry-Related Research
  6. To Promote the Hardwood Lumber Industry thru Education and Awareness Activities
  7. To Provide Promotional and Technical Information to Members and Others
  8. To Liaise with Industry Associations and Governments (as required)
  9. To Communicate the Mission, Vision and Goals Clearly to the Members
  10. To Be Financially Viable